EuProGigant Open House Day

The place to be for data spaces in manufacturing

For two days, the German capital becomes a meeting point for pioneering manufacturing projects. The annual EuProGigant Open House Day brings together partners, funding authorities and board members of five research projects from across Europe.

What started as a single Gaia-X project for the manufacturing industry in 2021, became a lighthouse project in 2022 and has now evolved into a pioneering ecosystem of five innovative research projects. Supported by industry and research partners, the projects AMIDS, DIONE-X, ESCOM, EuProGigant and Flex4Res focus on specific goals that feed into the project ecosystem, e.g., strengthening supply chains resilience, enable secure and multi-locational data sharing as well as connecting innovation partners. Together, they demonstrate how data can support the industrial value creation process while describing the benefits of data-driven business models. These efforts support the relocation of production companies back to Europe.

Connect – Share – Synergise

Connect with people, dive into the world of manufacturing data spaces and learn how you can contribute to an open and trusted data sharing economy.

  • Expo: Learn more about the five innovative data space projects in the Expo Area
  • Keynotes & Panels: Get valuable insights into the other projects, developments and much more!
  • Networking: Meet the community, exchange ideas and find new business opportunities.