Together towards a resilient European manufacturing industry

Projects we work with


Project ecosystem for European manufacturing data & services

The five innovation projects AMIDS, DIONE-X, ESCOM, EuProGigant and Flex4Res have joined forces. The goal of the project ecosystem is to demonstrate how data can support value creation in manufacturing while describing the benefits of data-driven business models. Close collaboration with industry partners is key to making the project results relevant. 15 use cases address pressing challenges universal to the industry, such as reducing the CO2 footprint to achieve net zero or reconfiguring supply chains for increased resilience.



The project RaRe2 aims to introduce sustainable, digitised manufacturing solutions to create rapid, reconfigurable and crisis-resilient systems that are able to quickly ramp-up production speed to meet new societal and customer demands. Its objective is to establish a flexible, resilient Holistic Ecosystem Platform, enabled by the interaction among many European organizations interested in cooperating in the fast reconfiguration of process chains, through collaborative systems and adaptable workforce up-skilling.



The R3GROUP project is an initiative funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme that aims to support the resilience of European manufacturing firms by providing tools to enable rapid reconfigurability. The project is developing solutions to transform the agility of the manufacturing sector and build a more resilience supply chains capable to adapt to unpredictable events.



The project PeneloPe aims to develop a novel closed-loop digital pipeline: An end-to-end digital manufacturing solution, enabling a bidirectional dataflow for seamless integration across the entire manufacturing value chain.