Project ecosystem for European manufacturing data & services

Europe’s pioneering data space projects in manufacturing

Imagine if you could exchange and use data from production securely and sovereignly. That’s exactly the vision of the pioneering European manufacturing data and service ecosystem, which has evolved around a single Austrian-German project for the manufacturing sector: EuProGigant. Advocating for a European production giganet to compete with global players from 2021, it became a Gaia-X lighthouse project in 2022. Four further projects have followed suit and tackle related challenges.

Leveraging Europe

The result is a pioneering data and service ecosystem that comprises AMIDS, DIONE-X, ESCOM, EuProGigant and Flex4Res. Meanwhile, this ecosystem has taken on truly European dimensions with more than 100 project partners from six European countries. All projects are united by the same vision: working towards a resilient, data-driven and sustainable data and service ecosystem that makes the European manufacturing industry resilient and has the potential to even bring back manufacturers to Europe.


Smart and secure

The goal of the ecosystem is to demonstrate how data can support value creation in manufacturing while describing the benefits of data-driven business models. Close collaboration with industry partners is key to making the project results relevant. 15 use cases address pressing challenges universal to the industry, such as reducing the CO2 footprint to achieve net zero or reconfiguring supply chains for increased resilience.

Gaia-X principles

All use cases require data to be shared along the supply and value chains. By implementing Gaia-X principles, the ecosystem enables production companies to make the best use of their data and share them with others via their data and service ecosystem – securely and sovereignly.

The projects


Austrian Manufacturing Innovation Data Space


Secure and efficient data spaces for the machining value network


Edge-Services for Components

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Smart and sovereign use of data in manufacturing

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Production line & supply chain resilience

Facts about the project ecosystem

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