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Press release Hannover Messe Gaia-X community

Data ecosystems are becoming real – Gaia-X community presents solutions for the future across industry boundaries

Industry and business are in the midst of radical change: sustainability, resilience and securing competitiveness […]

Meet our project partner GOIMEK

GOIMEK are specialised in high-accuracy part machining with the highest standards of quality and service.


Meet our project partner LMS

The Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation (LMS) focus on cutting-edge scientific and technological fields for research and development.


Five innovative research projects, one pioneering ecosystem

The research project Flex4Res is part of the project ecosystem around EuProGigant, which focuses on data spaces to exchange and use data from production securely and sovereignly.


EuProGigant Open House Day 2023

Insights into data sharing, discussions about data ecosystems and effective networking: On October 10 and 11, representatives from politics, industry and research met to discuss the sovereign, Gaia-X-compliant use of data based on the EuProGigant project ecosystem.

Flex4Res Use Cases

Industry-oriented research for resilient supply chains

The Horizon Europe research project Flex4Res aims to strengthen the European manufacturing industry by boosting supply chain resilience. Its four use cases are challenges that can be translated to the majority of production companies.

Group picture - 2nd Flex4Res PGA meeting

Project meeting in Elgoibar, Spain

IDEKO hosted the second Flex4Res Project General Assembly, which took place in Elgoibar, Spain, on 16 and 17 May 2023. Besides discussions on the latest developments, site visits of Goimek S. Coop and IDEKO were on the agenda.

Kick-off Meeting for Flex4Res project

Boosting supply chain resilience

The new Horizon Europe project Flex4Res supports the European manufacturing industry in the flexible reconfiguration of production processes. 17 partners from six countries have started working on the project.