Flex4Res and deltaDAO join forces to build a data ecosystem for European manufacturing

The European research project Flex4Res has joined forces with the data ecosystem technology provider deltaDAO. This collaboration helps to boost supply chain resilience of the manufacturing industry by seamlessly integrating Flex4Res into the Pontus-X ecosystem.

By joining the Pontus-X ecosystem, powered by deltaDAO, Flex4Res will achieve interoperability with existing projects that are leveraging the Gaia-X framework, such as EuProGigant. This helps diminish data silos and foster a unified European market. The Flex4Res portal in the Pontus-X ecosystem serves as a hub for publishing, finding and using digital services delivered by Flex4Res and other participants of the ecosystem, enabling both project partners and external collaborators to work together securely.

Together towards a resilient manufacturing industry

The integration of Flex4Res into the Pontus-X ecosystem supports the project’s objective to create an interconnected data ecosystem along the supply chain by enabling secure and efficient data processing without users handing over their data, thereby preserving data privacy and sovereignty. Additionally, the Pontus-X data ecosystem enables small and medium-sized companies to access the data market to stay competitive in the globalised world. This marks a step forward towards enhanced operability within various services, systems and players across the European manufacturing industry.

“With this collaboration, we want to set an example of how a successful setup of a federated ecosystem can work, using different free and open-source components to collaborate along the whole supply chain. We hope that this collaboration can serve as a blueprint for others seeking to become active in the community work for data ecosystems,” stated Kosmas Alexopoulos, Senior Research Engineer at Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation (LMS).

Applying Gaia-X standards for secure industry collaboration

Pontus-X, a B2B Digital Service Ecosystem powered by Gaia-X, and its basic services are operated by public and private institutions across Europe using Smart Contracts to exchange and orchestrate software, data and infrastructure services. Users benefit from data privacy and sovereignty, which is ensured by leveraging privacy- and IP-preserving measures like Compute-to-Data and automated access controls.  Pontus-X is a direct answer to the need for digital collaboration across industries and domains, the Data Act, Data Governance Act, AI Act and towards the AI & data economy of tomorrow.

With Flex4Res now being part of Pontus-X, industry-related use cases are implemented in line with Gaia-X standards, ensuring data sovereignty and compliance. This effort paves the way for a secure, scalable infrastructure supporting Europe’s vision for a cooperative data-sharing economy.

Interested companies can find the Flex4Res portal here: https://flex4res.pontus-x.eu/

About deltaDAO

deltaDAO AG is a software development, integration and consulting company based in Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 2021 their focus is to enable a transparent, secure and decentralised data economy in which large enterprises, SMEs and public institutions can keep full technical control over their private data. As specialists for distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and smart contracts, deltaDAO is engaged in the Gaia-X community, several lighthouse projects and provided the first functional Gaia-X Ecosystem “Pontus-X” in 2021, based on open-source software and Web 3.0 components.

About Gaia-X

Gaia-X is a European initiative to create a federated, secure data infrastructure promoting data sovereignty, interoperability and innovation. Their digital governance framework can be applied to any existing cloud or edge technology stack to obtain transparency, controllability, portability and interoperability across data and services. By establishing common standards and a trusted environment, Gaia-X aims to enhance digital services, foster competition and support Europe’s digital economy.

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