Meet our project partner LMS

The Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation (LMS) focus on cutting-edge scientific and technological fields for research and development. LMS are actively engaged in numerous research projects. Their focus lies in fostering strong partnerships with European industries and a diverse range of high-tech companies.


From left to right: Emmanouil Bakopoulos, Vasilis Maratos, Chrysa Dimitrakopoulou, Kosmas Alexopoulos

The role of LMS in the project

Within Flex4Res, LMS have the role as the project coordinator, leveraging the extensive experience in coordinating and participating in European projects. LMS are responsible for controlling the industrial and business relevance of the project, interacting with the European Commission and external stakeholders, managing project finances, conducting General Assembly meetings and overseeing the daily management of the project.

Beyond coordination, LMS contribute to various tasks within the project: They provide essential resilience assessment technology to develop tools for resilience assessment at different hierarchical levels of a manufacturing system. Additionally, LMS develop tools for computing macroplanning and microplanning for the Sidenor Group and Sidenor’s Plant in Thessaloniki, respectively. Moreover, LMS are involved in the design and development of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) models that will be used for capturing data from the ERPs. Lastly, LMS are engaged in the development of the Flex4Res dataspace and the testing of different connector technologies.

LMS is part of Flex4Res, because

LMS’s participation in Flex4Res is driven by two goals: Primarily motivated by the need to strengthen the resilience of European industries, LMS are devoted to tackling the urgent requirement for durability and resilience in manufacturing systems. Secondly, LMS see a chance to offer significant insights that can strengthen the resilience of entire value chains, acknowledging that there are many research challenges that remain unanswered.

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