Data ecosystems are becoming real – Gaia-X community presents solutions for the future across industry boundaries

Munich, 22 April 2024 – Industry and business are in the midst of radical change: sustainability, resilience and securing competitiveness are determining the strategic direction of companies. Investments in digitalization are key to mastering the major challenges. You can experience first-hand how the paradigm shift towards shared data ecosystems is being shaped at the Gaia X Community stand at Hannover Messe 2024. Eight exhibitors will be presenting how sovereign data exchange and new cloud infrastructures will change the economy. We invite you to visit us from 22 to 26 April in Hall 8, stand F25. The joint stand of the Gaia-X community, together with the neighbouring stand of the Industry 4.0 platform, will provide insights into the future of cross-industry data ecosystems.

The aim of Gaia-X is to build trustworthy data ecosystems and infrastructures in which data owners retain full control over their data. “The future economy will be data-driven. Data ecosystems offer enormous opportunities for new solutions. The Gaia-X community and the Platform Industry 4.0 are the central point of contact at the Hannover Messe to see what is possible and how it works,” explains Ernst Stöckl-Pukall, Head of Division for Digitalization and Industry 4.0 at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).

Final year of the Gaia-X funding competition

The Gaia-X Hub Germany, as the national contact point for Gaia-X-based data ecosystems, is one of the exhibitors at the Gaia-X Community stand. Among other things, the Hub manages the eleven funding projects of the Gaia-X funding competition. After almost three years of intensive work, the project results will be available by the beginning of 2025. “At the culmination of the competition, we will present all eleven projects, what has been achieved so far and the outlook for what is yet to come. The projects are beacons for innovative data and infrastructure applications in very different sectors and therefore offer great added value in terms of providing an insight into the world of data ecosystems. Attractive exhibits and exciting presentations illustrate the economic and social potential of data value creation across all sectors,” says Dr Christina Schmidt-Holtmann, Head of Division for Data Availability, Digital Sovereignty and SPRIND at the BMWK.

Gaia-X aims for internationalization

Visitors to the Gaia-X Community stand will be able to find out about the possibilities of using a Gaia X Digital Clearing House (GXDCH), presented by the Gaia-X European Association for Data and Cloud (AISBL). A clearing house functions like a control center for Gaia-X services by technically ensuring compliance with rules and certifying compliant services. The Gaia-X Association will also be presenting new membership models and plans for the further internationalization of the initiative at the Hannover Messe. “Because data knows no borders; we need a global approach,” emphasizes Ulrich Ahle, CEO of Gaia X AISBL.

GXFS solicits collaboration on open-source framework.

GXFS and the Eclipse Foundation will be sharing information about the XFSC toolbox and opportunities to participate in the development of the Gaia-X Federation Services framework at the Gaia-X Community stand. Since August 2023, the further development of Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS) has been managed by Europe’s largest open source foundation, Eclipse, which runs the project as Eclipse XFSC (Cross Federation Services Components). “We look forward to being represented at the Hannover Messe again this year and to exchanging ideas with the XFSC community and new interested parties,” says Emma Wehrwein, GXFS/XFSC project manager.

Data space projects for Industry 4.0

The project ecosystem around the Gaia-X lighthouse project “European Production Giganetwork”, EuProGigant for short, aims to make sovereign machine data and data-based services in data ecosystems usable for the European manufacturing industry. In keeping with the theme of this year’s Hannover Messe, EuProGigant will also be presenting its research on carbon footprint prediction in industrial production at the Gaia-X Community stand. Demonstrators will show how shared data can be used to optimize the value chain.

The second industrial project shows digital solutions for more efficient collaboration in the joint provision of industrial, maintenance-related services. GRIPSS-X relies on AI and Gaia-X. Visitors to the Gaia-X Community stand will be able to test a prototype of the GRIPSS-X platform, which processes tender documents for automated order preparation and thus enables a comparison of providers and customers.

New logistics and transport concepts through data exchange

The Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility (GX4FM) and Neue Mobilität Paderborn (NeMo.bil) project family will be presenting data-driven and economical solutions for the logistics and mobility of the future. The six GX4FM projects will present concrete applications for intermodal travel with different kinds of transport, autonomous driving, and local public transport, among other things. The project family will also be presenting its central joint result Base-X – a technical basis for the secure and trustworthy use of data and services between modes of transport, participants, and infrastructures. Base-X is open, interoperable, and scalable and can therefore be transferred to other areas of application and target groups from industry.

NeMo.bil is planning to redesign public transport in rural regions with a swarm-capable and autonomous mobility system that combines individual and local transport and explicitly takes the last mile into account. The Gaia-X Community stand presents physical and interactive demonstrators that visualize the data-supported intelligent mobility and logistics of the future.

Europe’s next-generation cloud edge infrastructure

As an Important Project of Common European Interest, IPCEI-Cloud is a central digital policy project for Europe, driven by more than 100 companies and research institutions from twelve EU member states. The aim is to network centralized cloud and decentralized edge data processing in such a way as to create a cross-provider, virtual network. IPCEI-Cloud is presenting itself for the first time at the Hannover Messe: Based on two lighthouse projects, visitors to the stand can find out about the developments for the world’s first “multi-provider cloud-edge continuum”.

Getting started with data spaces, especially for SMEs

The Gaia-X Hub Germany and its seven co-exhibitors would like to use the Gaia-X Community stand to attract companies to participate in Gaia-X. “Now that government funding has provided the necessary impuls, the success of data ecosystems as incubators for the new data economy depends crucially on the commitment of industry,” emphasizes Dr Anna-Raphaela Schmitz, project manager for the scientific research accompanying the Gaia-X funding competition at the Gaia-X Hub Germany. “With eight exhibitors and 237 square meters of exhibition space, the Gaia-X Community stand at the Hannover Messe is the ideal entry point to the topic, especially for SMEs,” says Schmitz.

Connected to the Gaia-X Community stand is the stand of Platform Industry 4.0 (Hall 8, D26). Other projects on data ecosystems will be presented there, for example Catena-X, Manufacturing-X, Factory-X and Aerospace-X.

About Gaia-X Hub Germany

Since its foundation in 2020, the Gaia-X Hub Germany has been the central point of contact for anyone interested in exchanging data in open data ecosystems. Its aim is to support the development of an international data economy that is in line with European values and economic structures. The Gaia-X Hub promotes the development and utilization of Gaia-X in Germany. As a networking platform, the Hub brings together representatives from science, business, politics and society to exchange experiences, gain insights and jointly put them into practice. In addition to the German Gaia-X Hub, there are currently fourteen other national hubs within the EU and three outside Europe.

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