Meet our project partner Sidenor

Sidenor Group is a leading steel producer in south-eastern Europe with production sites in Greece, Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia. The group’s products are available in more than 50 countries with a significant contribution to the economic growth, such as those of steel reinforcing for building and infrastructure projects, shipbuilding, energy and various other industrial applications. Sidenor Group is also the largest steel recycler in south-east Europe and offer their customers the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for their key-products, as part of its endeavour to operate responsibly and to reduce its environmental footprint.

From left to right: Dionysis Ventouris, Konstantinos Smyrniotakis

The role of Sidenor in the project

Within Flex4Res, Sidenor provides a use case scenario about demand planning and optimisation of detailed production scheduling. Learn more about the use case with GOIMEK:

Sidenor is part of Flex4Res, because…

… external and internal disruptions require reallocating the production to other production sites than originally planned. Currently, reconfiguration takes place manually and is based on expert knowledge and spreadsheet calculations. Moreover, decisions taken at the network level are not connected to the reconfiguration needed at the factory level.

With its participation in the Flex4Res project, Sidenor wants to address potential human errors and huge computational time by digitising the process through the macroplanning tool. Moreover, Sidenor plans to optimise the process of transferring data, close the gaps to their supply planning and connect network and factory level by automatically disaggregating the information through macro-meso transition tool. These points should result in optimising the total supply chain, reduce the inventory costs, utilise the resources by improving the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) rate and finally meet corporate targets and strategy.

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